Pedal Group believe in the importance of giving back to communities, contributing to causes and enriching the lives of individuals.

Our Earning To Give program puts these decisions into the hands of our employees, enabling all employees to choose where the company donates money.

The amount of money each staff member can donate is equivalent to 1% of their yearly earnings, calculated at the end of each financial year (30 June).

The 1% is paid by Pedal Group, in addition to an employee’s yearly earnings. Employees can choose to donate additional money out of their salary on top of the initial 1%. This additional donation can be deducted from each payslip throughout the year.

Employees can choose to feature their charity to all employees, and rally support to get donations directed to their cause.

Commit Your Money

From 17 May until 19 July, you can commit your 1% to a charity using the online form below. You will have the choice to:

  • donate to a featured charity,

  • or donate to your own charity choice. 

You can also choose to take part in Payroll Giving next financial year, where a percentage of your own salary is deducted and given to the charity of your choice next year.

Key Dates

16 May 2019 Deadline to nominate your charity to be featured
17 May 2019 Form opens to commit your funds
19 July 2019     Deadline to commit your funds

of each employee's wage is donated
to their chosen charity.

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Featured Charities

This initiative is available to all permanent staff of Pedal Group employed on 30 June 2019.