Our purpose...

Enrich mind, body, earth or soul with the freedom of riding.


Pedal Group is Australia's largest bicycle company. Backed by our major investor, Flight Centre Travel Group, Pedal Group operates retail stores and a wholesale business in the bicycle industry.

Retailer, 99 Bikes.

Retailer, 99 Bikes.

Wholesaler, Advance Traders.

Wholesaler, Advance Traders.


Earning to Give


of each employee's wage is donated to their chosen charity.


Every permanent staff member of Pedal Group can donate 1% of their earnings to a charity of their own choice. The donation is in addition to their earnings and funded by Pedal Group.

Employees are asked to nominate charities to be featured among staff, and at the end of each year, staff commit where their 1% gets allocated. This means all money donated by the company is going to causes chosen by individual staff, not head office.


Earning To Give: Previous Years


2016 Donations $87,801
2017 Donations $121,691
2018 Donations $195,944
Total Donations $405,436
2018 Beneficiaries:
SVA $50,699
RSPCA $33,829
Camp Quality $14,746
Headspace $14,433
We Ride Australia $9,923
Other Charites $72,314


Our Purpose in Action

These students now each have their very own bicycle to get to and from Anjali everyday, and to get them home safely.
Anjali House, Cambodia
It is a special honour to be a part of a company that thinks this way and uses its influence to expand to help others.
Mark Kingston, 99 Bikes Sales Consultant
In remote communities, a bicycle can be a vehicle for social rehabilitation and economic change.
Bikes 4 Life, Cape York & Uganda
Our ‘Bikers’ will be engaged in learning new skills and the assembled bikes will be donated into the community.
Sandy Murdoch, TRACTION