55 Bikes Delivered to Anjali House, Cambodia

A HUGE thank you to 99 Bikes, an Australia-based bike company who generously donated $2,300 to Anjali for us to buy these swanky bikes for our students! Many of our Anjali students do not have a consistent, reliable form of transport to get to Anjali, or to public school, so they often double (or triple!) up on a bicycle, which is not ideal.
Thanks to 99 Bikes, these students now each have their very own bicycle to get to and from Anjali everyday, and to get them home safely. They also all have helmets, and we will be conducting a Road Safety Training to ensure everyone rides as safely as possible!
So thank-you so much 99 Bikes! Our students were very excited this morning when they arrived to a whole load of new bikes waiting for them! From everyone at Anjali: thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Written by Jess Blackledge, Communications and Management Support at Anjali House