Anjali House Update on 55 Bikes Successfully Delivered

Written by Anjali House Staff

We dispatched all the bicycles with helmets and lock on 17 June 2016 to the students who are living a bit far away from the local school and Anjali House.

All students were really excited to have a new bike and the families less worried about their children's safety.

With time, we realised that you provided much more to them than means of transportation. Indeed, our students have reported that thanks to their bicycles they can now arrive on time at the local school (and at Anjali House!).

Also, our girl students told us than since they have a bicycle, they feel safe going back home after school, especially when it is getting dark.

Last but not least, all of them told us that they have a lot of fun riding them and can enjoy doing more activities like fishing.

The students have decided to produce (themselves) a short video for 99 Bikes to explain what has changed since they have a bicycle. It's a fun one, please watch it.