A Day at Anjali House by Pheakdey

See the work of our Cambodian charity partner, Anjali House in Siem Reap.

The video below was made by one of Anjali’s students, Pheakdey. You can follow him for a day as he rides to school on his bike donated by 99 Bikes. This is one of fifty-five bikes donated to Anjali House.

Pheakdey is in grade eleven at a local government school studying maths, history, music and geography. He’s also been part of Anjali’s learning programs for the last four years.

When he joined Anjali House, Pheakdey didn’t like learning to speak English or studying. But now he's part of Anjali’s Young Adult Program (YAP), learning english skills, computer skills, a variety of life skills and leadership skills.

Pheakdey has recently completed his public speaking course with a presentation about the education system in Cambodia. He did a very good job and has demonstrated his speaking skills by making this video.

Anjali House is based in Siem Reap, Cambodia and supports underprivileged children through education, basic care, health care and family support. Anjali also serves food twice a day - breakfast and lunch for around 120 students.

Reliable and transparent, Anjali House has been implementing activities for the past 10 years, and runs an independent yearly audit of its finances and publishes an annual report online.

Anjali house helps support their students attending public school by providing uniforms, stationery and pays for extra classes. Without this support the students wouldn’t be able to even attend public school.