Learn more about the bike related charities that are some of our beneficiaries.  

Anjali House

Anjali House

Every $250 delivers one bike, plus food & health expenses for a year.

Based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Anjali House provides free education, two nutritious meals a day, clean water, access to showers, hygiene supplies, plus family support to students from very poor backgrounds. Students are aged 5 to 19. Student safety is an important matter. That’s why Anjali House gives bicycles to students to ensure their safety on their way home, as well as helping them be on time for classes.



Every $250 delivers one bike and incentive program.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa. Qhubeka is a highly regarded and professional organisation with strong working relationships with World Vision and World Bicycle Relief. The programs are very organised and evidence based to create the most effective good. Bikes are not just given out, they are linked to needing school attendance and academic results to keep the bikes. The bikes themselves are carefully designed new bikes, made for their specific purpose.


Bikes 4 Life

Every $100 delivers one bike.

Based in Melbourne, with work in remote Australia, Asia and Africa. Bikes for Life use lots of volunteers to collect and fix second hand bikes in major Australian cities. These  bikes are then sent to remote, disadvantaged communities – working with a local partner. The container is also transformed into a workshop to help keep the bikes operational into the future.



Every $300 delivers one bike and $150 towards program funding.

Based in Capalaba, Queensland. A community-based program helping young people discover their talents, build self-belief and create their own successful futures. 12-15 year old 'Bikers' (participants) refurbish donated bicycles in a hands-on learning environment of creativity, empowerment and ownership. Funds donated will purchase brand new BMX bikes in boxes to the Traction warehouse. The 'Bikers' learn to build the bike and great care is then taken to find very worthy community recipients of each bike.


Good Cycles

Every $300 delivers a bike into the complete program.

Based at Docklands, Melbourne Good Cycles works with asylum seeker, refugees, long-term unemployed and at-risk youth through a range of bike based social programs. Bicycles are used to educate, empower and employ those experiencing significant disadvantage. Providing life changing skills and a refurbished bike at the end of the program. Each bike delivers valuable education and lessons, as well as a finished product to a very worthy recipient.