25 bikes donated to Brisbane youth program, TRACTION

Written by Sandy Murdoch from TRACTION 


We’ve received approximately 25 bicycles donated by 99 Bikes since October 2015. The bicycles were traded in at 99 Bikes stores and whilst some were used for parts, approximately 15 have had new life injected into them as bicycle refurbishment projects for our TRACTION participants, whom we refer to as ‘Bikers’. 

Our Bikers typically refurbish one bicycle per school term and they either keep the bike to ride, or they donate it to others in their family or community. Our Bikers also have the chance to work on group projects and special builds.

The bicycles have been collected from various stores and allocated to our Workshops. The first was established in Capalaba in July 2015 and the second TRACTION workshop opened in Moorooka in February 2016.

TRACTION is delighted to be partnering with 99 Bikes and its team with the Earning to Give program, which will see our Bikers assembling new BMX bikes from parts donated by 99 Bikes. Our Bikers will be engaged in learning new skills and assembled bikes will be donated into the community.


TRACTION is a community-based program helping young people discover their talents, build self-belief and create their own positive and successful futures. 

We understand that everybody learns differently and that some students don’t realise their full potential in a classroom. That is why the TRACTION program offers young people the chance to participate in an alternative, action-based learning environment while being supported by encouraging relationships, community and employment opportunities.

Volunteer ‘Bike Mentors’ support 12-17 year old ‘Bikers’ (participants) to repair, restore or customise donated bicycles in an action-based learning environment of creativity, empowerment and ownership.

TRACTION is intended as a vehicle for people to make a difference and whilst the program is focused on supporting young people, we are building a vibrant community of volunteers, program partners and sponsors around our ‘Bikers’ who are experiencing a sense of contribution and belonging. 

The program supports the development of practical skills, however rather operating as a training organisation, we provide a learning environment and our focus is nurturing communication and broader life skills.

The key program objectives include increasing self-esteem and social skills; increasing school attendance and achievement; improving future employment opportunities; improving life skills; offering community and mentor support.

“The students absolutely love the program.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for our students to experience alternative learning outside the classroom and we already have more students who are eager to join the TRACTION program next semester.”

 – Kylie Barrett, Capalaba State College Head of Junior Secondary (September 2015)

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